The 2nd annual Caring for Frail Elders conference is coming soon to the Pacific Health Professions campus March 3. Two speakers with first-hand knowledge are set to speak at the conference.

Professor of the Department of Human Development at Washington State University Cory Bolkan, PhD, and Clinical Manager of Ray Hickey Hospice House Sonjia Hauser, registered nurse, will cover a wide range of topics offering knowledge and understanding of the end-of-life care for older people with chronic diseases.

The speakers will discuss objectives important for all healthcare providers. Understanding death and its meaning, the impact of a patient’s death on those remaining and the healthcare provider’s responses and actions, recognizing the current inadequacies in the end-of-life care for older patients and learning how integrated healthcare or collaborative care models may benefit those with multiple chronic conditions are the objectives for the meeting.

There will also be a presentation and discussion covering other areas of the topic.

Those in the healthcare field who may be interested in this conference include prospective and current physicians, registered nurses, therapists, hospice chaplains, hospice managers, social workers, personal aides and volunteers that provide hospice care.

The event is sponsored by the Certificate in Gerontology program at Pacific University. Occupational Therapy Professor Linda Hunt is the director of the program and started the conference.


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