The following is information recieved from Environmental Health & Safety Manager Rob Dahl about recent incidents:

A homicide that occured within the 2200 block of B Street on Monday, Nov. 14 was an incident of targeted violence, not a random act. It is believed that the suspect(s) are most likely known to the victim. There was no threat to the university community related to this incident. Forest Grove Police are working diligently to solve this case and Campus Public Safety is in touch with them to help ensure the safety of our community.

On Wednesday, November 16th, there were two unrelated incidents that occurred on campus. The first incident involved two non-university community members who were reported acting suspiciously near the University Center. As CPS Officers arrived the subjects fled into the Library. They were stopped there and detained by CPS due to their actions and information gained in the investigation. Police were called and one subject was arrested for possession of an illegal substance. Both were issued Trespass Notices by CPS, excluding them from university property.

Just as officers were completing this call, a student was reported as having an allergic reaction in Walter Hall which resulted in the dispatch of Fire and EMS units to the scene. The student was treated on scene by paramedics but was not transported to the hospital. None of these incidents posed an immediate threat to the University community. Had any of them been deemed such, Campus Public Safety would have immediately notified the campus community in compliance with university policy and federal law.

There is no ongoing threat to the University community resulting from these incidents. Once again, these events provide the opportunity to remind all members of the university to register for Boxer Alerts. In the event of an emergency, this tool will be used to alert the community and provide critical information. For more information on Boxer Alerts go to


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