Recent rankings were published in major publications on colleges nationwide. Pacific was ranked in several of these, including the U.S. News &World Report, The Princeton Review and Forbes magazine.

Considered a suburban and selective university admissions-wise by the U.S. News & World Report, Pacific is ranked 22 in “The Top Western Universities.” In 2010, Pacific had a 75 percent acceptance rate, and was tagged as an “A+ Option for B Students,” meaning a good school for students with just above or average test scores and grades.

Pacific was again named one of the best western universities by the Princeton Review. The Princeton Review notes that Pacific is a very small university nestled in a small town in Oregon. They show admission numbers and acceptance rates as well.

According to the Princeton Review, Pacific’s most popular majors are biology, general business administration and management, kinesiology and exercise science. This site is aimed mostly at high school students searching for the right college.

The Review also shows what kind of graduate programs are offered and how many students make up the undergraduate and graduate population. They show all of the majors offered and a quick blurb on what current students are experiencing as they attend.

“I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with my professors,” said a biology major quoted on the website. “For the students who are committed and really want to learn, professors will bend over backwards to help them.”

Pacific was also ranked by Forbes magazine as number 53 in the west. Overall, Pacific ranked 267 in the nation and 223 in the “Private Colleges” category. They show statistics on enrollment by gender and race as well as attendance status, which show that 90.8 percent of students that attend Pacific are full-time students and the other 9.2 are part-time.

Also featured in the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s higher categories, Pacific has had positive reviews from all of the publications it has recently been featured in.
Like anything, not everything can be positive, but for the most part, the recent reviews on Pacific have been very positive and play a role in encouraging students to apply.


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