With one year left at Pacific, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences John Hayes plans on tying up loose ends.

Hayes has been a dean for eight years at Pacific and spent the previous 12 years as a dean at Marlboro College in Vermont.

“I’ve been a dean for 20 years and it’s time to move on,” said Hayes.

Before Hayes moves on, however, he has some things that he would like to finish.

“We’ve passed restructuring within the college and we are going to move to three schools and I want to make sure that we iron out all the details and all the wrinkles and make sure that the transition is smooth and that we are ready for the next dean,” said Hayes. “That’s going to be a major task.”

In addition to creating three schools within the College of Arts and Sciences, Dean Hayes says that he will continue to try and improve general operations.

Part of this task will include hiring new faculty members and helping to integrate them into the university.  According to Hayes, many faculty members will be transitioning into the university in the coming year due to many faculty members retiring this May.

Though Hayes has goals for this last year, his plans for life after retirement are not as defined.

Hayes said, “I haven’t figured that out yet, I have 14 and half months to figure that out.”

Hayes does have some ideas, however. Within the next couple of years, Hayes said that he would like to take his family on a vacation to Africa, where he has been twice before.

Besides traveling, Hayes also hopes to do more steelhead and salmon fishing as well as more kayaking.

“I also plan to do a substantial amount of bird watching,” added Hayes.

For now, however, Hayes will be focusing on what’s next at Pacific.

A search committee has already begun to find a person to take over Hayes’s position with the College of Arts and Sciences. Hayes said that Ann Barr, Vice Provost and College of Health Professions Executive Dean, would be heading the search.

Barr is a Reed graduate who has a “real commitment to liberal arts education” said Hayes.

The committee will begin interviewing candidates this fall and hope to have made a decision by the first of the year. After that, the new dean will take over during the summer of 2012.


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