When students return to the Forest Grove campus at the end of this summer, they will have access to a newly renovated Price Hall.

The building that is now Price Hall, home to the mathematics department office, will also include offices for the physics and other science departments after its renovations. On the first floor of Price, new small conference rooms, offices and a computer lab will be added to the layout so students have more places to work.

Pacific’s Director of Facilities Harold Roark and safety management said that the new first floor of Price was designed with space and accessibility in mind. Not only will the new work areas give students more places to study close to the classroom, but at the same time it will create a “more open setting” than the crowded first floor currently has, according to Roark.

Although construction on the first floor of Price will be taking place of the summer, Roark said that arrangements have been made so that the other areas of the building are accessible to students and faculty who will still be on campus. The doors at the west end of the building will be clear and available to get to the staircase and emergency exits will be unblocked as well.

There have also been discussions with facilities about renovating Carnegie Hall’s lower level in the future to house more offices or conference rooms. Roark said those plans are “possible, but nothing has been set into action yet.”


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