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Senior project finds connections in mad cow disease to fish food

Roberta Kelley

April 11, 2013

Could fish be the cause of the next big disease? This is the question biology major Dylan Cramer, set out to determine for his senior capstone project this year. Cramer specifically focused on prions, or infectious agents composed...

Misogyny surfaces in world of comics

Janae Sargent

April 11, 2013

A crowd of screaming male fanatics spout out bra cup sizes to an intrusive interviewer after a woman refused to tell him her bra size and spank him at a recent Comic-Con. In her senior project Katrina Lungren found that women...

Seniors apply class learning to everyday life

Trey Kodama

April 11, 2013

Many kids are learning things in the classroom, but have no idea how to use them in their everyday life. A team of seniors Shanlee Gusman, Katie Sakumoto, Jadelyn Thompson and Sonja Elofoson have gone on a mission in order to...

Project looks at sustainability of Boxer Dining

Michael Ching

April 11, 2013

A student from this year’s graduating class will be delivering a presentation about handling organic waste at Pacific, while introducing a more effective way to dispose of it. Michael Furuya, who is a sustainable design major,...

Vocal group bids director farewell

Sophia Vadino

April 11, 2013

Not everyone gets to see a group of singers grow into a strong choral group. Senior Ben España, however, has had the privilege to see such a thing. España, a music education major, has directed Pacific University’s premiere...

Diversity of football team is placed under microscope

Josh Hannum

April 11, 2013

Pacific University’s own Eric Geitzen is on the verge of completing his senior capstone project involving the diverse culture of the Boxer football team. As a football player and sociology major with connections to larger...

Student presents food for thought

Michael Sproles

April 19, 2012

They say that food is the connection between an individual and their home. It is a thing of comfort in hard times. It is clear that food is not only deeply personal, but forms a bond between individuals and their community. Which...

Presentation to deal with politics, religion

Kevin Arrowsmith

April 19, 2012

Religion and politics are a specialty for senior Logan Channer and the inspiration behind his senior project. Channer said this focus came from a very complicated religious history he had growing up. Channer’s dad was constantly...

Senior disagrees with United Nations choice

Maxime Tasd'homme

April 19, 2012

After a semester spent in Germany and a fascination for the topic that has been present since she was a little girl, the time has come. Senior Kaitlyn Heater will present a project titled “American and German Perceptions...

Sports highlights to recruit

T.C. Fairfield

April 19, 2012

Pacific University’s athletic program has been growing in success every year, but has not gained the attention one senior thinks it deserves. Despite the success of the Boxers, they are not well known outside of Forest Grove....

Women propel objectification

Carlie Deltoro

April 19, 2012

Female peers with low self-respect and a negative body image are some of many reasons why anthropology major Sebastian Bannister Lawler decided to do a content analysis of how female models are depicted in fashion magazines for...

Senior says her project is “fun”

Victoria Hampton

April 19, 2012

In April, for students to say their senior projects are “really fun” may mean they were feeling a bit sarcastic. But for exercise science major Kate Mitchell, the phrase stays true. Mitchell said the opportunity to develop...

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