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Project reviews race in athletics

Lunden Charlton

May 7, 2015

Many recognize racism in their lives through conversation or behavior but senior Michael Tyner decided to see if it occurred in a more obscure field he called “New Racism” with a focus on professional athletes. A...

Students experiment with heat effects on judgment

Emily McLain

May 7, 2015

There are a lot of things that can alter a person’s perception and judgment of another person. According to the research seniors Eddie Carrillo and Sean Arbogast did, temperature is one of the leading factors that can al...

Senior project incorporates cancer research

Emily McLain

April 9, 2015

Not every capstone project students’ work on is something they are passionate about. Senior Victoria Hampton made sure hers was. As a creative writing and journalism double major, Hampton decided to do a project that would no...

Survey tests mind and body relations

Justin Jenks

April 9, 2015

Jose “Eddie” Carrillo is a psychology major whose project topic focuses on the connection between the mind and body. Embodied cognition is the formative role the environment plays in the development of cognitive processes. An int...

Campus summer research inspires capstone project

Max Kirkendall

April 9, 2015

Physics and math double major Brandon Harms  decided to focus his senior project on something that reaches far beyond a person’s basic  understanding of light. “I’m doing my project on the quantum state tomography of slow/s...

Student examines benefits of cuddling careers

Tyler Watkins

April 9, 2015

Senior Rana Wildgrube’s goal for her project is explaining a very misunderstood industry: professional cuddling.  “From the surface professional cuddling may seem exotic, however when you dig deeper, it has similar characteris...

Group focuses on environmental education

Abby Godsil

April 9, 2015

Environmental education has become increasingly important in recent years. At least senior Marcia Wilcox strongly believes so. “We need to make sure there’s something left for our kids,” said Wilcoc about resources on ...

Study implements stability balls in campus classrooms

Melissa Mullaly

April 9, 2015

When coffee and power naps fail to keep students actively engaged in class, the next best strategy could be to ditch the use of the standard classroom chair. Exercise science major Nani Ostrom has introduced the use of stabil...

Training teaches restaurant safety

Tyler Brown

April 9, 2015

Imagine that you are opening the restaurant of your dreams and you have a slew of young eager employees. It is opening night. There is music playing, laughter throughout room, and the sound of glasses clinging. Unfortunately, the a...

Senior studies costs, benefits of conducting chimp research

Nathaneal Powell

April 9, 2015

Patricia Echeverria’s senior project tackles an ethical dilemma by exploring the costs and benefits of using chimpanzees in research. Echeverria is a 29-year-old transfer student from Tillamook Bay Community College. She is c...

Student adapts U.S. freak show history

Shannon Konoske

April 9, 2015

Creative writing major Makaela “Katy”  Kilsdonk decided to use fiction to show the “freaky” side of American history. For her senior project, consisting of the first several chapters of a novel-length book and a critical i...

Athlete examines major league steroid scandals

Luke Peevyhouse

April 9, 2015

Senior athlete Kyle Treadway has been an integral part of both the baseball and football teams these past seasons. Not just limited to sports, his success also extends into the classroom. Set to graduate this spring, Treadway ...

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