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‘Imogen’ blurs lines of reality and imagination

Dascha Marenco

May 5, 2016

Creativity can be seen as rhythmic and storytellers such as Iris Young have the ability to weave their imagination into everything they do. Having majored in film and vocal performance, Young wanted to make a film depicting her ow...

Presjak examines students ‘gaydars’

Dascha Marenco

April 14, 2016

Gender orientation does not have a set appearance, mannerism or lifestyle. Although some gay people reflect feminine or masculine characteristics, there are those that may appear to conform to a certain stereotype but identif...

Gunn looks to portray themes of oppression and racism in dance

Holly Bartholomew

April 14, 2016

Dancers, clad in either white or black, glide gracefully across the stage. There is something more than beauty behind their movements; there is a message. The dance, choreographed by senior Jassa Gunn, is about racism. Gunn explain...

Clair experiecnes the real world of business

Ben Hopwood

April 14, 2016

Many students worry that their education will not prepare them for the harshness of the modern job market. However, senior Harrison Clair feels confident that the experience he gained from working on his senior project will al...

Bulling investigates how media portrays mass shooters and its influences on public opinion

Harrison Clifford

April 14, 2016

Gun control has been and still is a hotly contested and debated topic in today’s world. Senior Lorne Bulling decided to tackle the topic head on for his senior thesis and explore how the media frames mass shooters and thus ...

Study researches self reflection in art

Shannon Konoske

May 7, 2015

Artwork is a reflection of an artist’s vision and sometimes a reflection of the artist’s self. When examining the connection between art and the artist, one question that arises is what purpose does the work serve...

Poetry Slam provides safe space, free speech

Max Kirkendall

May 7, 2015

What if there was a place that people of all gender identities could go and hang out and feel safe? For senior Aryn Jones that place just happens to exist. Jones’ project fell under the category of Queering Common Consci...

Homelessness in Hawaii: Out of sight, out of mind

Stuart Leijon

May 7, 2015

Homelessness is a growing issue in states like Hawaii, but lawmakers are refusing to tackle the problem head on. Matthew Yasuoka found, in his presentation “Come to Hawaii (Unless You’re Homeless),” Hawaiian lawma...

Student helps improve dog therapy program

Melissa Mullaly

May 7, 2015

Dogs have been said to provide comfort without words and teach the value of responsibility. For children of domestic abuse, the interaction with a dog is invaluable to improving their learning abilities and behavior. Acco...

Student develops Boxer App for Pacific campus

Stuart Leijon

May 7, 2015

Pacific University Information Services arrived at Strain 121 just a little too late to take notes on Boxer App, a mobile application for Pacific University students. Ryan Newman developed the application for his 2015 s...

Sproles codes Ferguson frames

CarrieAnn Randolph

May 7, 2015

Senior John Sproles’ chose to focus his project on the incident in Ferguson, Miss., involving the fatal police shooting of African-American 18-year-old Michael Brown, which garnered both national and international at...

Senior presents history of Hanford site

Justin Jenks

May 7, 2015

The Hanford site, a nuclear weapons production complex in Benton County, Wash., produced 56 million gallons of radioactive waste. Needing to get rid of it, the company began to dump it into the Columbian Rive...

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