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Rainbow Co. struggles to stay alive

Quint Iverson

October 15, 2018

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 year, Rainbow Coalition (Rainbow Co.), Pacific University’s LGBTQ club, had more than ten members who regularly attended meetings and a full executive board. At the start of the 2018-2019 year,...

Williams presents on feminism

Keagan Weis

May 3, 2018

Pacific University student Carly Williams delved into new found meanings behind knitting on April 25 during her senior capstone project presentation, titled “The Knitting, Intersectional Feminism.” Williams started her...

Barnes theorizes end to poverty

Brandon Hertz

May 3, 2018

Pacific University philosophy major Sierra Barnes believes it is possible to combat the ever-growing poverty levels around the globe.  Barnes not only believes this is possible, she also holds that all people have an ethical...

Senior Lishao Chen presents on challenges facing minority groups

Callie Oyama

May 3, 2018

The students that attend Pacific University come from nearly every state in America and more than 20 different countries worldwide. In a school driven by different cultures and ethnicities exposure to diversity on campus should...

Chong runs simulations

Hannah Kendall

April 19, 2018

Pacific University senior Zach Chong is simulating 15 years of information in just 13 weeks for his senior project. Chong, a business major, is running a simulation for his self-created action camera company, “Birds Eye....

Adamson examines climate change coverage in media

Landon Obra-Nakata

April 19, 2018

Thomas Adamson, a Pacific University senior majoring in Environmental Studies: Politics, Culture & Society, will soon be presenting his senior project titled, “Where Do We Go From Here?” The project is about constructing c...

Dolgin redefines genre

Quint Iverson

April 19, 2018

Fanfiction is often stereotyped as underdeveloped work written entirely for the purpose of placing oneself inside a fictional world. But perhaps it is a genre full of works worth studying. That is what senior Tailor Dolgin be...

Senior’s novel includes gods from different cultures

Shelby Cokeley

May 11, 2017

The old gods and the new gods clash in an alternate world where the political climate is as turbulent as this one. Pacific University senior Gillian Reimann ascribed her love for mythology in the prologue and first chapter of...

Senior studies effects of binge-drinking in mice

Tanner Boyle

May 11, 2017

Senior Andres Garcia, an environmental science major with a focus on environmental toxicology at Pacific University, studied the influence of binge-drinking and stress on drinking behavior for his senior capstone project. According...

Alfaro looks at impact of immigrant illiteracy

Holly Bartholomew

May 5, 2016

Senior Lauren Gonzales Alfaro realized there was an issue with illiteracy in immigrants from Mexico when she married into a Mexican family. This realization prompted her to spend a year and a half working on a senior project targe...

Abner explores Irish and American news coverage

Harrison Clifford

May 5, 2016

Senior journalism major Rhayn Abner took her place at the head of the classroom in Marsh 206 on Senior Projects Day, and in front of a crowd of teachers and peers and condensed more than a years worth of information and research ...

Dewitt sets the tone for project with lights

Ben Hopwood

May 5, 2016

When people hear the phrase “I’m a theater major,” their first reaction is usually either a chuckle or a scoff. Many students do not fully appreciate the work that theater majors put in. Senior Griffin Dewitt embodies the ...

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