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‘Incomplete’ grade policy reworded

Kevin Arrowsmith

December 8, 2011

Pacific’s incomplete policy was recently reworded and went through a slight change. A grade of incomplete is something given to students who satisfactorily complete the majority of class work but are not able to finish because...

Guest from New York to choreograph spring dance

Tyler Grant

December 8, 2011

Every year, theatre professor Jennifer Camp hopes to try something new to keep things fresh in the dance community and this year is no exception. The spring concert, “Dance Works,” will be taking place this April 26 to 28. Camp...

Course reserves easy to abuse

Victoria Hampton

December 8, 2011

In 2008, the first lawsuit over electronic course content began when Georgia State University was sued by a group of publishers over their misuse of e-reserves. The publishers claimed that the university abused their e-reserve...

Forensics team helps high school club

Matthew Yasuoka

December 8, 2011

“I’ve grown up with ADD and a stutter, so I joined speech and debate team freshman year in order to learn how to control that and learn to use pauses in an effective manner,” Dominek Barajas explained, no evidence of a stutter...

Optometry alumni, faculty earn honors

Stephanie Haugen

December 8, 2011

This year proved noteworthy for Pacific University’s College of Optometry with two alumni and two faculty members recognized for their contributions to the profession. The Oregon Optometrists Physicians Association Board...

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