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Bean Bags & Plywood

Cough Drop Dave

April 13, 2019

Pacific University will be expanding its already healthy athletic program next year with the addition of a coed varsity cornhole team, according to an anonymous source in the Stoller Center. Athletic officials refused to verify or deny...

Students and Forest Grove residents protest seemingly unknown cause

Hannah Banana

April 13, 2019

For the past five hours, Pacific University students, stray Portlanders, and confused Forest Grove residents have been demonstrating in Trombley Square. However, no one attending the event was able to determine the reason for the...

Student Parking


April 13, 2019

Pacific will say goodbye to sports and hello to free parking with President Lesley Hallick’s announcement that Hanson Stadium will be used as a parking lot. “Students have been complaining for years,” Hallick boasts. ...

Campus paranormal activity continues in Clark Hall

York St. Megan

April 13, 2019

Panic and terror has surged throughout campus as Pacific freshman Emalee Beavers disappeared Saturday, March 30. She returned to her dorm after spring break but has not been seen since. The teen went home to California over break ...

Old Professors, New Adventures


April 13, 2019

Every year incoming freshman are graced with the opportunity to take a voyage with fellow classmates. This time gives students the valuable chance to make new friends, interact with their peers on a deeper level, and prepare ...

Drag Queen Monday’s for faculty


April 13, 2019

It is a universal truth that Monday is the worst day of the week. It is the day we have to leave our bubbles of procrastination and drag ourselves back to work or school after a weekend of bliss. It is not made any easier by th...

University adapts to modern needs with student dating app

Chuck A. Wobbly

April 13, 2019

The new service, Boxr, will automatically enroll all full-time and part-time students. It will be available on iOS and Android devices in August 2019. Students who do not wish to use the service must opt-out through a form ava...

Goodbye Boxer III

Ohio's Wicked Witch

April 13, 2019

The days of the Boxer here at Pacific University have come to an end. The university has struggled in recent years to find a mascot that better exemplifies school spirit and campus life, but the wait for true representation ha...

Editor-in-Chief of The Pacific Index retires early


April 13, 2019

It is with great sadness the Pacific Index says goodbye to the only person that ever read all of its stories. Editor-in-Chief Shelby Cokeley announced her early retirement from the newspaper via a courier pigeon from her new z...

Pacific University tied to admissions scandal

Cough Drop Dave

April 13, 2019

Pacific University has just been added to the list of U.S. colleges being investigated for taking bribes to admit under qualified students. According to an FBI press release, at least 50 students were admitted to Pacific wi...

Clifford cooks the books for personal gain

"Chad" Tyler Brown

April 5, 2018

Something just does not seem right in The Pacific Index office these days. Index Staff members were not allowed to go on their usual beach retreat this year due to a lack of funds. It is ironic because this has been the best year...

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