It is a universal truth that Monday is the worst day of the week. It is the day we have to leave our bubbles of procrastination and drag ourselves back to work or school after a weekend of bliss. It is not made any easier by the fact that many students have to go sit through hours of lectures with professors such as Dave Cassady while they talk about riveting topics like defamation and copyright.

Mondays need a little more pizazz, and who better to provide that than a bunch of drag queens? Drag queens are known for their high energy performances and are potentially the only people who could make an entirely grumpy student body excited to learn and start the week. Clearly, the only solution to the Monday blues is to bring in a back-up faculty comprised entirely of drag queens to take over teaching for the day.

Professors are great at teaching, but there is clearly not a course they take on making classes more exciting. Students fall asleep in classes left and right if they are not messing around on their phones or talking to friends, of course. Getting students to pay attention, especially on Mondays, can be incredibly difficult.

Drag queens, on the other hand, rarely have a hard time getting people to pay attention to them. They can throw shade at lazy students and turn lectures into performances that are guaranteed to keep the focus on them. Drag queen performances are always memorable, too, so students will be less likely to forget what they learned on any given Monday.

With drag queens at the front of classrooms, students would also be less likely to skip class. You would feel like a total idiot if you decided to sleep in one Monday only to learn that you missed a lip sync extravaganza all about libel.

As much fun as it is hearing Casaddy passionately ramble on about the joys of journalism, it would definitely be nice to switch it up every once in a while. We pay enough tuition that it could not hurt to get a little entertainment along with our education.


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