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El Senado de Estudiantes de Pregrado se Reune para una Junta del Ayuntamiento

El Senado de estudiantes de pregrado de Pacific, dirigido por el presidente Doan Pham, llevó a cabo un Ayuntamiento de estudiantes de pregrado a través de Zoom el 10 de septiembre para abordar los problemas y preguntas más urgentes que Pacific enfrenta durante este período.

Best Practices For Succeeding on Zoom

Admissions Fluctuate in the Wake of COVID-19

Undergraduate Student Senate Holds Town Hall

Student Life

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Concordia's campus and bell tower on March 16, when many students left campus for the last time upon COVID shutdowns

Pacific Takes In New Transfer Students After Concordia’s Sudden Closure

On February 10th, a text went out to all Concordia University students saying classes were cancelled for the day. Soon after, at an all student meeting, the university announced that spring term would be their last.

Best Practices For Succeeding on Zoom

Students Find Silver Linings In Summer 2020

Local Businesses Welcome Students Back to Forest Grove


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All fall sports have been suspended for the 2020 season due to COVID-19. They hope to resume in the spring.

Pacific Soccer Coach will focus on old Boxer roots to create a new Boxer way

As the school year gets started, numerous athletic teams are still battling with the hardships of COVID-19. On top of these hardships, Men’s Soccer head coach Brandon Porter has another challenge

Newest NWC Guidelines Allow for a Slow Return to Sports


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‘Campus Feels Foreign’: The reality for students during a pandemic

The reality of returning to a college campus during a pandemic is this—it’s exhausting. I’m not the only student who feels this way.

Reasons to not cancel 2020